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Sundance 2015: The Question of Security

Welcome to LeithMore than a few documentaries that played at this year's Sundance Film Festival were asking questions about security. How safe are black lives in America? What do you do when extremists make physical threats in the place where you live? What happens when cartel violence lands in a sleepy border town? Are college campuses safe for young women? Is our planet in a period of manmade mass exctinction?

Security wasn't just a storytelling subject, it was a major topic of discussion among filmmakers. Read more...

Sundance 2015: Documentary or Journalism?

3 1/2 MinutesThe blurry lines between documentary filmmaking and journalism were a hot topic at this year's Sundance Film Festival. To find documentary films involving high stakes investigative work look no further than this year's Oscar nominees, Citizenfour or Virunga.

Filmmakers Laura Poitras (Citizenfour), Marc Silver (3 1/2 Minutes),  and Alex Gibney (Going Clear: Scientology and The Prison of Belief) debated the issue live at a Sundance panel discussion "Bringing Truths to Light," moderated by distinguished producer Bonnie Cohen (Catapult Film Fund). Read more...

Fair Use Successes in Documentary Film: The Most Dangerous Man in America

The Most Dangerous Man in AmericaWhat difference does employing fair use make to a film?

Sometimes it means the difference between making a film and not making it.

Take “The Most Dangerous Man in America,” the Academy Award-nominated film about whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg. “Knowing how to employ fair use meant that we could finish the film,” said producer/director Judith Ehrlich. Read more...

Launching LandofOpportunity

LandofOpportunityLandofOpportunity has officially launched its Beta Interactive Platform for the public. The platform is an experimental web project exploring post-crisis community (re)building in America, that merges compelling multimedia storytelling with curated data, research, and calls to action in one collaborative interactive space.  Read more...

PBS FRONTLINE Tackles "Nightmare Bacteria"

FRONTLINEOne of the great storytelling challenges when it comes to public health issues is relating to audiences. Luckily for writer, producer and director Rick Young, “the FRONTLINE audience is very sophisticated.”

Young was speaking at a special American University screening and panel discussion for the newest PBS FRONTLINE production “Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria,” along with associate producer Emma Schwartz and correspondent David Hoffman. The documentary, a co-production with the Investigative Reporting Workshop, premieres nationwide on PBS, Tuesday, October 22 at 10pm (check local listings). Read more...