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Making Your Media Matter 2010 Conference

Couldn't make it to the 2010 Making Your Media Matter Conference at American University on May 12? Or you went but would love the opportunity to re-visit some of the wisdom our panelists and speakers shared with the audience? Click here to access videos and podcasts of the entire conference!


Making Your Media Matter Conference 2010: Spotlight Standup on New Tools and Research

Making Your Media Matter Conference 2010: Spotlight Standup on New Tools and Research

Download | Length: 25:26

Alyce Myatt, Executive Director of Grantmakers in Film + Electronic Media; Jessica Clark, Director of the Future of Public Media Project at the Center for Social Media; and Shaady Salehi of Active Voice presented new tools available to media makers for funding, measuring impact and building partnerships with non-profits.

To listen to the podcast of this session, click here.

Happy Anniversary, Media That Matters

To celebrate 10 years of showcasing short, social-issue  videos, the Media that Matters film festival (part of media arts center Arts Engine) hosted a day-long conference on …what else? Media that matters. The  panel I chaired on making impactful social documentary was filled with insights, not only from the panelists but from the audience—full of talented New York makers. Read more...

Call to Action from Games for Change (G4C)

How do games function as social media? Should documentary film folks pay attention to gaming? I went to the Seventh Annual Games for Change Festival (G4C) in New York City to find out. I quickly discovered what so many people in the audience already knew--that games are an integral part of the social media landscape. Panelists challenged not just game developers but all new media makers to go beyond assembling spectator audiences to establishing concrete action plans for social change.

Making Your Media Matter 2010 Rapporteur's Report

In 2010, the Center for Social Media (CSM) hosted the 6th annual MAKING YOUR MEDIA MATTER (MYMM) conference in on May 12 after being forced to postpone the date in February due to a now infamous snowstorm. Read the Rapporteur's Report to learn about the topics discussed and see images from the conference. Check back later to see video from the panel discussions.