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Filmmakers with Purpose: An Interview with the Filmmakers of The Heart of the Matter

From the Making Television Matter book, the authors outline the challenges of defining a film's target audience and the creation of an outreach strategy that is flexible but goal-oriented.


Go to: http://www.benton.org/publibrary/mtm/Pages/five.html

Adrian Cowell

Adrian CowellAdrian Cowell, the eminent filmmaker who catapulted the environmental movement to save the Amazonian rain forests through the television series The Decade of Destruction and Banking on Disaster is the Center's Visiting Filmmaker this semester. Cowell will guest lecture in SOC production classes during the week of March 20. His films will be shown throughout the city during the Environmental Film Festival. He also will hold two public events on campus as part of the DC-wide Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital.


Kim Longinotto's Master Class

One of the highlights of IDFA was a master class by veteran social documentarian Kim Longinotto. The British filmmaker has long won awards and audiences for her films exploring the worlds of women across cultural boundaries. Her film Sisters in Law, delving into the world of two sisters who serve as family court judges in Cameroon, opened the festival. The sisters fiercely defend the rights of women in a society where child abuse and spousal abuse are often sanctioned.


Paco de Onis and Peter Kinoy

The Center is honored to host Paco de Onis and Peter Kinoy, makers of State of Fear, as its fall visiting filmmakers. They will also be working with School of Communication students and offering a public lecture. They are extraordinary exemplars of documentarians with a social conscience.


Jos de Putter: The Damned and the Sacred

The veteran Dutch filmmaker Jos de Putter has made award-winning, moving films about war, civil strife and human rights. The Damned and the Sacred follows a cultural troupe of orphans as they share Chechnyan folk culture throughout Europe. and discussing a career in social documentary filmmaking.