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Google & YouTube, Great! What about copyright?

It's no secret that YouTube, as a company, has had to deal with the ramifications of users posting material that they have no rights to upload. So, when Google and YouTube announced their merger, it should be no surprise that analysts are curious how Google will handle copyright issues.

A recent Wall Street Journal Online post is a discussionRead more...

Titicut Follies on Google Video

Cinema Minima reported today that Frederick Wiseman's seminal documentary Titicut Follies has been posted on Google Video. A quick look at the Google post reveals user "MK ULTRA 1967" has posted the whole film, and it does not appear to be Wiseman or his representatives. Read more...

Vicky Funari

Vicky Funari, whose work focuses primarily on women's stories, as well as the complex identities of today's culturally mixed and dynamic migratory populations, is the Center's Fall 2006 Visiting Artist. She will guest lecture in SOC production classes Oct. 18 – 19, and will also screen her latest film as part of the Human Rights Film Series.


IFC Puts Fair Use Guidelines to Work, Wins Big

Cable programmer IFC has boldly adopted an internal Fair Use guideline, after saving itself hundreds of thousands of dollars by invoking Fair Use of Hollywood film clips for the upcoming film Wanderlust. Lawyer Michael Donaldson, who conducted negotiations, was an advisor to the Documentary Filmmakers’ Statement of Best Practices in Fair Use, and used the Statement in his work. Read more...

From the Broadcaster's Corner: A Success Story in Coalition Outreach

From the Making Television Matter book, coalition outreach campaigns are not only good mediums for strengthening the impact of a film's message, but a successful coalition engages all community members to give a common voice to a project.


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