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Success of the Statement of Best Practices!

Since the Statement's release in November of 2005, several exciting and important changes have happened in the doc filmmaking world: gatekeepers are paying attention! Four of the seven national errors and omissions insurers now issue Fair Use coverage if a lawyer says that the use is within the terms of the Statement. ITVS endorses it, WGBH gives the Statement out to their producers, and PBS has shared it with all general counsels and general managers in its network. Read more...

Two Fair Use Online Forums!

Over the last two weeks, the Center participated in two online forums on Fair Use. OneWorld co-hosted Ask the Experts! (http://us.oneworld.net/section/us/asktheexperts/fairuse) with us the week of May 11th; we received over 30 great questions from all kinds of media-makers about Fair Use and copyright issues. Over the next week, the Center is also participating in a D-Word forum on the same topic. D-Word is an online forum and community of documentary filmmakers which hosts panel discussions on issues surrounding their craft. Read more...

Another Insurer for Fair Use

Chubb has now joined the group of insurers that recognize Fair Use claims for documentary filmmakers. These insurers are depending on the Documentary Filmmakers' Statement of Best Practices in Fair Use to make their judgments (they want a lawyer to verify the filmmaker's decision that the use is within the Statement's principles). This is a big step forward, since for years before the Statement was issued, documentary filmmakers had not been able to get insurance for these Fair Uses.

MediaPro also uses Fair Use Best Practices Statement for insurance policies

Now MediaPro has joined AIG as insurance companies using the Documentary Filmmakers Statement of Best Practices in Fair Use as a guideline to accept Fair Use in its errors-and-omissions insurance policies for documentary filmmakers. MediaPro will depend on Stanford Law School's judgment that documentary filmmakers' uses are within the Statement's principles and conditions. This is great news for documentary filmmakers, and provides new opportunities for insurers as well.

Insurer accepts Fair Use claims!

A major errors and omissions insurer, National Union, a member company of AIG, is accepting Fair Use claims based on the Documentary Filmmakers’ Statement of Best Practices in Fair Use, when supported by an appropriate lawyer’s letter. This is an extraordinary demonstration of the power of this best-practices approach to making the fair-use option in copyright law useable again. "This is great news," said filmmaker Alex Gibney, who recently got insurance with such claims recognized.Read more...