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Copyright and Fair Use

War on Water

Marymount Manhattan College students Billy Shields and Stuart Kiczek re-purpose old copyright black-and-white footage to illustrate a more modern point about how consumers can cut down on expenses by filtering their own tap water at home instead of purchasing bottled water. They use only enough of the third party images as necessary in order to give the rest of the footage the feel of a much older film.


Remix Culture: Fair Use is Your Friend

A video that explains why the Code for Fair Use in Online Video got created, and how the Code can help you create online videos that employ fair use of copyrighted material.


Remix Culture

When is it fair and legal to use other people's copyrighted work to make your own? What's the line between infringement and fair use?


Stories Untold

Untold Stories: The Creative Consequences of the Rights Clearance Culture, is a study exploring issues working documentary filmmakers' face with copyright law.


Category 1: Commenting Critically on Media

Category 1: Employing Copyrighted Material as the Object of Social, Political or Cultural Critique

This class of uses involves situations in which documentarians engage in media critique, whether of text, image or sound works. In these cases, documentrarians hold the specific copyrighted work up for analysis.