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Media That Matters 2012 Videos

Eva Harder

Meredith Blake: What is Social Change?

Meredith Blake, Founder and CEO of ProSocial, discusses the concept of social change.

Social Change is More than Awareness

Meredith Blake continues to define social change; true social change goes beyond awareness.

Ronit Avni: Know Your Audience

Ronit Avni, Founder of Just Vision, talks about ways to leverage media outreach.

Suzan Beraza: Reach Younger Audiences

Suzan Beraza, Founder of Reel Thing Productions, illustrates ways to appeal to younger audiences.

Angela Tucker: Creating "Black Folk Don't..."

Angela Tucker, director and producer of "Black Folk Don't..." talks about creating a web series, getting a grant and using satire for social change.

Creating a Conversation with Twitter

Angela Tucker talks about using Twitter to expand outreach. 

Social Change Needs Teams and Partners

Center for Social Media Director Pat Aufderheide interviews Will Sylvestor, Michelle Benham and Michael Collins about what qualities they look for in teams and partnerships. 

Social Change Measured in 1700 Lives

Michael Collins, director of Give Up Tomorrow, showcases how a documentary can achieve true social change through awareness and action.