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Insights for the Future of Public Media [2005]

Insights for the Future of Public Media, A Report on the Global Voices Summit Canary Wharf
December 10, 2005
By Noëlle McAfee


In the "Global Village," Where is "The Public Square"?

Read David Liroff's comments from the first of the Center's Public Media Roundtable discussions. Liroff serves as the Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Boston's WGBH. Visit WGBH for a downloadable recording.


Al Gore's Keynote Address at the October 2005 We Media Conference

Organized by The Media Center, this day-long conference brought together leading thinkers and organizers into a series of discussions on participatory media.


Two Report from Kathryn Montgomery: "Youth as E-Citizens" and the "Free Culture, Phase 2" Conference Report


Kathryn Montgomery, professor in the School of Communication and director of the youth media and democracy project at the Center, last May brought together an eclectic brain trust of 50 young "digital leaders" under 30 years of age who want to create democratic access to art, expression, and governance in a digital age. American University School of Communication is pleased to release two of her recent work:

"Youth as E-Citizens" report and the "Free Culture, Phase 2" conference report


Keepers of the Public Domain in Electronic Media: Keep It Up!

Keynote address at the annual convention of Alliance for Community Media, the member organization of cable access stations nationwide on July 10, 1999, Cincinnati, Ohio.