Empowering Media That Matters


The Infinite Mind [2006]

Eager to be among the first adopters of new technology, producers of the award-winning public radio program The Infinite Mind have branched into 3D virtual broadcasting. They have "built" a spacious broadcasting complex in Second Life, a burgeoning online world where the rules of three-dimensional commerce and coexistence are just being established. Will their public radio audience follow them to this unfamiliar new world?


The Densho Archive: Harnessing the Power of Digital Media

The Densho Archive-a vast, free online multimedia collection of materials related to the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II-is a model of what public media can be. Created by retired executives from Microsoft with family histories of wartime incarceration, it marries sophisticated digital archive design with innovative donor arrangements that allow it to host media without the originals leaving private institutions and collections. Where other online digital media projects fail or are forced to charge prohibitive fees to end-users, the Densho Archive has created a successful, truly public, digital resource.


The WGBH Laboratory

"The revolution will not be televised. It will be podcast, video streamed, time shifted, remixed and remashed, blogged and uploaded." That is the opening salvo from the WGBH Laboratory, a three-year old incubator for creative experiments in new media. The Lab’s three "pillar programs" foster the work of independent media makers and media innovators using digital technologies to develop groundbreaking content and attract young audiences.


Testimony on the Smithsonian Controversy to the House Committee on House Administration 5.25.06

Patricia Aufderheide, director of the Center for Social Media, testified on May 25, 2006 before the House Committee on House Administration to raise concerns on the Smithsonian's 30-year joint venture with Showtime Networks Inc.


Breaking New Ground: A Framework for Measuring the Social Impact of Canadian Documentaries

This report examines seven Canadian documentaries, providing reflective guidelines for the future of documentary-making in the country and the world. The report aims to measure the social impact of documentaries and provide a "baseline" on which to build new strategies for future activities.