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The War Tapes

The War Tapes has missing publics. War front and home front bloggers do not discuss the film significantly. The film also is discussed less significantly than other Iraq war and war on terror films. The conversation that arises from The War Tapes relates most significantly to the "citizen soldier" as well as "real war," as opposed to anti-war or pro-war discussions. Read more...

Public Radio's Social Media Experiments: Risk, Opportunity, Challenge

This report analyzes the results of a survey of public radio stations and highlights the successes and challenges of integrating new social media tools into the mission of public radio.


Public Media in the Arab World: Exploring the Gap between Reality and Ideals

The Center for Social Media collaborated with the Arab Media and Public Life (AMPLE) project at American University for a year-long conference series on public media in the Arab world and focused on changes in the media environment, the role of the state, and what "public media" means in the Arab world. The Center's latest report highlights the proceedings of the project.


Big Dreams, Small Screens: Online Video for Public Knowledge and Action

Learn how popular commercial online digital video platforms, such as YouTube, GoogleVideo and MySpace, are being used to create, exchange, and comment upon information for public knowledge and action—and what their limitations are!


21st Century News: Challenges and Opportunities for Public-Minded Media in the New-Media Age [2006]

By Jane Hall
This fall, a remarkable group of key decision-makers and innovators in news and information came together at American University in Washington, D.C. Read how leaders in the field are working to ensure the future of serious, credible news and information and public-minded media in the 21st Century media and journalism landscape.