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Beyond Broadcast: Reinventing Public Media in a Participatory Culture

Billed by bloggers as 'geeks meet wonks,' Beyond Broadcast was a public conference to explore how traditional public media face a critical and unique opportunity to embrace participatory, web-based media models, such as podcasting, video blogs and social software.


Many To Many

New, participatory media are fast becoming a vibrant part of the public media landscape. Filmmaker Martin Lucas presents a short video showing the new and growing promise of the "blogosphere." This is more than individuals publishing their thoughts, it's a veritable global, public conversation.


Public Television Viewers and Public-Purpose Programming

This research analyzes responses from the general public to the news that a series featuring independent filmmakers’ documentaries, Independent Lens, had been dropped from PBS’ core schedule.  Viewers offer a range of responses, which share a common implication: there is currently untapped support, both financial and political, for public television, among viewers who feel themselves underserved by public television’s lighter fare.


Modeling Policy for New Public Service Media Networks

An article in the Fall 2010 issue of the Harvard Journal of Law and Technology by Center for Social Media Research Fellow Ellen Goodman and researcher Anne H. Chen explores new policy structures for networked public media.


Future of Media Submission to the FCC [2010]

This is a docket submission from the Center for Social Media to the Federal Communications Commission, in response to the Future of Media project, with an emphasis on policy strategies for transitioning from a fragmented, broadcast-oriented approach to a networked, multiplatform public media system.