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Corrections to the Designing for Impact Report

This page is to summarize adjustments made to the report Designing for Impact by Jessica Clark and Barbara Abrash, after Nov. 11, 2011.

* The page numbers on this page correspond to the PDF version, while the corrections were made to the HTML version.

* Only minor changes and typo errors were made, nothing significant to effect the conclution or analysis of the report.

Evaluating Documentary, The State of the Field

1. p9, line 9 and line 12

changed "Fledgling fund" to "Fledgling Fund"

(Typo correction) 

2. p14, line 12

changed "campagins" to "campagin"

(Typo correction) 

3. p17,  line 9 from the bottom

Changed "notes" from italicized to normal

(format adjustment) 


Appendix II


1. p39, Overview – 2nd paragraph, 3rd  sentence

Changed "A PBS national Veterans Day broadcast (2008)" to "A November PBS broadcast, in honor of Veterans Day"

(The national PBS feed was in November but not all stations chose to broadcast it on Veterans Day – some before, some on Veterans Day and some after.)

2. p40, Catalyst - 1st sentence

Changed "two documentary filmmakers, journalist Daria Sommers and cultural anthropologist Meg McLagan, to "two documentary filmmakers, Daria Sommers and Meg McLagan"

(Per filmmaker's request, refer to Daria Sommers and Meg McLagan as documentary filmmakers only)

3. p41, Funding Model - 3rd paragraph

Replaced the 2nd sentence with:

An investment by Impact Partners was repaid with sales broadcast and sales revenues within a year from the film's festival debut.  

(Information correction)

4. p43, Impact - Engagement - 2nd bullet point, 2nd line

Replaced "Iran" with "Afghanistan"

(Information correction)

5. p44, Impact -Influence - 1st bullet point, 2nd sentence

Replaced "Valentine's Day" with "Veterans Day"

(Information correction)

State Of Fear: The Truth About Terrorism

1. p59, the part before Overview

Replaced "2008" with "2005"

(Information correction)