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Center Director Pat Aufderheide Receives 2006 IDA Preservation and Scholarship Award

The Center for Social Media is proud to announce that Center Director Pat Aufderheide is the recipient of the 2006 International Documentary Association Preservation and Scholarship Award. This distinguished award recognizes the accomplishments of an individual who has devoted his or her career to providing a forum to promote the work of documentary film and video makers. The Center applauds Pat for all she has done to foster a robust environment for documentary film.Read more...

Thoughts on Fair Use at The Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue, Paris June 2006, by Gordon Quinn

The Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue hosted a meeting in Paris bringing together consumers and creators from around the world around intellectual property issues. I was there making a presentation on the American Fair Use part of U. S. copyright law and the struggle led by the Center for Social Mediar to reassert our right to use it in our creative work. I was presenting the Center and my organization Karemquin films.Read more...

Wikimania 2006

Wikimania 2006: The International Wikimedia Conference

Cambridge, MA

August 4-6, 2006

by Jessica Duda

Rosetimes -- online video interviews

The other day I started wondering whether it's possible to conduct video interviews over the Internet in the style of a Charlie Rose interview -- with crystal clear audio. It turns out there is a way of doing so by using a camcorder at each side of the interview -- recording video and audio locally. Read more...

Center fellow Martin Lucas at Alliance for Community Media conference

Center fellow Martin Lucas presented a new video, "Making the Music You Want to Hear", at the annual gathering of cable access programmers, the Alliance for Community Media, in Boston. Along with Washington DC-based community development specialist Jessica Venegas and Brooklyn Cable Access TV Director of Education and Community Partnerships, Carlos Pareja, Lucas showed the 17-minute film showcasing three stories of successful public engagement with community media centers. Read more...