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Fair Use Question of the Month: Covering Exhibits of Copyrighted Works

Photo by Vivanista1/FlickrDear CMSI, 

I want to write a blog post about a local art exhibit that’s opening in my town next week. I’m hoping to take pictures at the opening, but I’m sure I’ll end up with copyrighted works from the exhibit in the backgrounds of my photos. Do I have to get the gallerist’s permission for that artwork?

Melina

"State of Play" Reexamines Gatekeeping Forces in the Media

State of Play: The Gatekeeping of Micro-documentariesSelf-publishing has removed traditional barriers to distribution, but the result is what Nick Michael calls "a soup of undifferentiated content" that makes it harder for filmmakers to get their audiences' attention. These days, the problem isn't putting your message out there; it's finding people who will listen to you.

In today's world of YouTube, Facebook, Wordpress, Tumblr, and Twitter, anyone can self-publish content. The gatekeeping power of the "old media" is no longer a necessary obstacle for mediamakers. But self-publishing platforms are not as "gate-less" as they often seem. Read more...

Social Change Through Comedy

Caty Chattoo

How can we view social issues differently if the lens is unexpected and maybe even a little controversial? How do we follow a comic’s joke to its sources in real life? What happens when we use comedy as a lens for examining the most pressing issues in global development?

These are some of the questions that Executive Producer Caty Borum Chattoo , Creative Director at the Center for Media & Social Impact , has been working to help raise over the past year with her latest project, “ Stand Up Planet .” Read more...