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From Story to Storyworld: A Conversation with Futurestates’ Karim Ahmad


“I’ve figured it out. I can open the door, but they have to walk through it.”

Thus starts the innovative, interactive experience that is Futurestates.tv, the online platform for the final season of ITVS’s "Futurestates." The cryptic message invites the audience to explore a selection of short films and related videos that offer a glimpse of what technology could become in the future – and what such advancements might mean for us as a society. Read more...

“Stand Up Planet” Premiering Wednesday 5/14

Stand Up PlanetStand Up Planet,” the two-part documentary that utilizes the power of comedy for change, hits television screens across the US this Wednesday, May 14 at 7 pm ET / 6 pm CT on Pivot and LinkTV. The documentary will also broadcast at 9 pm PT on Los Angeles’s KCET and later this month on India’s NDTV Prime. Read more...

AIR Challenges Public Media to “Go Outside”

What's Outside?A recent report published by the Association for Independents in Radio (AIR) found that the public media system “is ready, willing, and able to take bold moves” to utilize new media technologies, reach across platforms, and touch more audiences.

The report, titled “What’s Outside?” in keeping with AIR’s focus on thinking outside the box, is an evaluative summary of key takeaways from AIR’s Localore initiative. It is also a call to action for public media. Read more...

LandofOpportunity Launches Interactive Video on BP Spill Fallout

Surviving the SpillLast week, in honor of Earth Day, LandofOpportunity together with Bridge The Gulf  launched their new interactive video “Surviving the Spill: BP Oil Disaster,” an exploration of the impact of the spill on Gulf Coast communities.

The video is only the latest in a series of interactive videos released by LandofOpportunity, an experimental web project that merges compelling multimedia storytelling with curated data, research, and calls to action. LandofOpportunity’s videos explore post-crisis community (re)building in America.  Read more...

FCC’s New Net Neutrality Rules: Bad for Media That Matters

InternetThe FCC’s proposed “net neutrality” rules, scheduled for public input on May 15, could make it harder for people who make media that matters to reach people who can use their work. 

Public-interest nonprofits including Free Press, Public Knowledge, Demand Progress, and Common Cause are calling foul play on the FCC’s decision to allow big content companies like Netflix to buy preferential treatment from Internet service providers. Specifically, the new policy would allow ISPs to charge for faster content delivery, as long as it’s “commercially reasonable.” Read more...