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Snag Films Creates Broader Audience for Documentaries

Documentary filmmaking has never been for the faint of heart. After a struggle to find funding to get your film made, countless hours of research and filming, and the painstaking process of editing your film to say exactly what you want, you still have yet to guarantee that anyone will ever see it. And with fewer documentary films successfully finding theatrical release, finding an audience for your film has never been tougher.

Until now. Newly launched website Snag Films brings film distribution to the virtual realm and creates a world-wide audience for the documentary films it features. How it works is simple: You can watch documentary films on the Snag Films website, or you can add the site’s virtual movie theater widget to your website (or blog or Facebook page, or just about anywhere else you can think of) and share the movies you enjoyed with your friends and family. The site also encourages users to engage with the films’ issues and supporter communities by frequently including blogs and links to relevant nonprofit organizations where inspired viewers can get involved.

While Snag Films’ initial library of films isn’t huge—250 films available at the site’s launch, with another 200 films to be added this month—the impact of the site is. By bringing film distribution into the virtual world and making these films much more widely accessible, Snag Films ensures that the efforts of documentary filmmakers won’t go unwatched.