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Slam Poetry that Matters: MTM '13 Preview

Roland Legiardi-Laura
He took the slam poetry of urban teens and made it into a movie. Filmmaker Roland Legiardi-Laura will kick off this year’s Media that Matter’s conference, “Measure for Measure,” with a free screening of his documentary, “To Be Heard” on Feb. 14. Legiardi-Laura will join the audience for a discussion on filmmaking, along with “Green Corps” producer Lance Kramer. In this free session, “How do you tell a story that makes a difference?” learn how to turn your community into a compelling interactive documentary.

For almost a decade, the Center's annual Media that Matters conference has educated filmmakers about effective strategy and served as the premiere resource for documentary-making and social action campaigns. It has connected its audience to change-makers in the industry and provided useful, engaging information from experts in the field.

Ideas as interesting as Legiardi-Laura’s dominate the filmmaking community, but an interesting idea for a documentary isn't enough. You need savvy community partnerships, cunning media strategy, and the ability to move from awareness to action. So join fellow filmmakers, activists and scholars at Measure for Measure Feb.14-15 to learn what it really means to make your media matter. And in the words of the film, "If you don't learn to write your own story, someone else will write it for you."