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Environmental Film Festival at AU

D.C.'s 2010 Environmental Film Festival is under way! Along with the Center for Environmental Filmmaking, we're sponsoring a whole week of films at American University's Wechsler Theater. You can view the schedule here.

We're particularly excited to see the premiere of AU Professor Larry Engel's new film, Potato Heads.

In Potato Heads, Engel visits with farmers and scientists in the Andes of South America, the homeland of the potato; and the heartland of the United States, where this lowly tuber thrives today. Along the way, Engel also takes a close hard look at the importance of biodiversity and food security in an ever-threatened world.

Potato Heads will premiere on Monday, March 22 at 7 p.m. in the Wechsler Theater

Also, on Monday March 22 Larry Engel will be presenting at the World Water Day forum. Information below.