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The Internet, Free Expression and Authoritarianism

Earlier this week at Georgetown University's Mortara Center, I participated in a conference on issues of authoritarianism and the Internet. Headlining was Open Society scholar Evgeny Morozov followed by a panel with NPR's Andy Carvin, Human Rights Watch’s Arvind Ganesan, World Bank's Shanthi Kalathil, and George Washington University Professor Marc Lynch.Read more...

Knight Batten Award Highlights

Center’s associate director Alison Hanold and I spent yesterday at the 2009 Knight Batten Awards for Innovations in Journalism: Digitial Deliverance. Prior to the award ceremony were the much anticipated panel presentations from all the awardees. Read more...

Online Video for Non Profits Workshop in DC

Our friends Ryanne and Jay are holding another one of their super Videoblogging Workshops in DC. This is a chance for nonprofits to learn essential skills that will enable them to use video as a tool for advocacy. According to their website the workshop will cover the following topics:

* Storytelling Methods

* Content Ideas

* Technical How-Tos

* Basic Video Editing

* How to Compress Video

* How to Publish and Publicize your Content

Why Social Media Is Important to Civil Society

We really enjoyed Suw Charman-Anderson's recent blog on Corante, Why Social Media Is Important to Civil Society. In it she uses our white paper Public Media 2.0:Dynamic Engaged Publics to look at how the emerging participatory media trend affects civil society. Read more...