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Can you help us get panels at SXSW? Your vote will count!

The South by Southwest film festival now crowdsources its panels, and two of CSM director Pat Aufderheide's panel proposals have been approved for public voting. The SXSW team needs to see that panel proposals have public support. Your vote will make a difference.Pat's panels will raise issues that not only are important for business but also raise basic questions about the future of documentary and of creative practice.


Additionally, our colleague Larry Engel also has a panel - a discussion of good environmental practices for fillmakers - approved for voting. We hope you will vote for all three panels, the synopses are posted below.


Please vote by Friday Sept. 4. You can vote by clicking the links below, taking a moment to register, then clicking the "thumbs up" button that corresponds with the panels. Pat and Larry hope to see you in Austin, March 2010. Registration begins September 25.

Remix Goes Mainstream: Making Mashups Pay

Remix, mashup, compilation, clip job, footage art: it's what doc filmmakers and online video artists do-from 102 Minutes that Changed America to Moral Kombat to Los Angeles Plays Itself to Buffy v. Edward. But how do they make money, get distribution and stay legal? Learn here!

Possible Panelists:

Jonathan McIntosh
Michael Donaldson
Pat Aufderheide
Spencer Halpin (Moral Kombat)
Thom Anderson (Los Angeles Plays Itself)

Making Archives Pay: Documentary Film's Long-Long Tail

DIY distribution, iTunes aggregators, public TV's American Archive project and online venues such as Reframe open up more possibilities every day-especially for documentarians--to recycle your golden oldies. Learn who's reaping rewards (both monetary and other) with what kinds of business models, and how they're wrangling those rights.

Possible Panelists:

Kelly Devine (Reframe)
Brewster Kahle (archive.org)
Rick Prelinger (Prelinger Archives)
Justine Nagan (Kartemquin)
Nick DeMartino (AFI)
Catherine Stimac (American Archives)
Steve Savage (Docurama)

Reel Green: Can sustainable production ever be real?

Sustainable living is grabbing a lot of attention, but how does it work in film and media production? How are filmmakers doing? Attend this panel and find out from the experts how going green can be real... and possibly save you money along the way.

Possible Panelists:

Jane Evans, Executive VP of Physical Production, Focus Features
Jeff Roth, Post-Production Supervisor, Away We Go
Beth Colleton, VP, Green Is Universal
Katie Carpenter, Green Media Solutions
Laura Gabbert, co-director, NO IMPACT MAN
Laura Michalchyshyn, president and general manager, Planet Green
Justin Schein, co-director, NO IMPACT MAN