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The Death of the PSA? The challenge of effecting social change in the digital entertainment age

Breaking Through

Social change communication is at a crossroads, and communicators must adapt – and quickly – in order to remain relevant and impactful. A growing body of research shows two clear trends in the United States. (1) The mass media landscape is increasingly saturated with content, and (2) the public is gradually shifting to prefer digital media over traditional media.[i]Read more...

AFI DOCS Screens "India's Daughter"

After Jyoti Singh was attacked, Indians took to the streets in protest. Photo Credit: India's Daughter official websiteThe AFI DOCS film festival screened Leslee Udwin’s retrospective documentary, “India’s Daughter,” last week in Washington, D.C. The film is Udwin’s directorial debut and her first documentary, although she has produced six other films and worked as a professional actor for decades.

The hour-long film chronicles the case of Indian medical student Jyoti Singh, who was brutally raped on a bus by a group of men in December 2012. The night Singh and her friend were attacked in Delhi, they were returning home from an early movie. She had just finished a year of medical school – a remarkable triumph for a girl who had grown up in poverty. Singh survived the attack, but she died of her injuries only days later. Her case spurred public backlash against the cultural norms and laws that may tacitly condone gender-based violence in India.Read more...