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Sparkwise: A New and Innovative Tool for Measuring Media Impact

Tomorrow Partners, a Berkeley based strategic design firm, recently launched a free cloud-based online tool for aggregating all sorts of metrics, including social media and web presence in a personalized dashboard.Read more...

Story, Vision, Tech - Executing Web-Native Cinema Projects

Story Vision Tech - The Cycle (image by Ben Moskowitz)

Image by Ben Moskowitz

Creating a project leveraging the web opens up uncountable opportunities for storytellers. Footage that was previously cut due to time constraints, or stories that didn't fit tightly enough within the narrative to be included, can now contribute to the narrative of an interactive project. As freeing as the many options a media maker has may seem, however, they can also be overwhelming.Read more...

Breaking Out of the Black Box: Web-Native Cinema

Hot Docs - Hot Hacks with Mozilla

This weekend at Mozilla's Hot Hacks (part of Hot Docs in Toronto), filmmakers and web developers are coming together to redefine what it means to tell a story with video online. Read more...

Social Doc in Real Time: Prepping for the Real World

Maher's webisodes let women see what it's like to work with midwives in a hospital setting -- before she releases "The Mama Sherpas."Some filmmakers struggle with walking away from their documentary once it’s over. But when Professor Brigid Maher attended the Center for Social Media’s Media That Matters (MTM) conference earlier this year, she learned that finishing your film doesn’t mean your film is finished. Read more...

Social Media Week Panel Agrees: More Women Need More Access

Women, Tech and Democracy illustrated how more access to media leads to more civic engagement. Social Media Week's panel on Women, Tech and Democracy illustrated the different ways that media, specifically information and communication technologies (ICT’s), are serving as tools for civic engagement among women in developing countries.

The Women's Learning Partnership (WLP) launched its first course on blogging in Indonesia this week, demonstrating the global call for empowerment fostered by social media. Read more...