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Fair Use Question of the Month: Digitizing & Streaming Videos from a University Library

This month's fair use question comes from an employee in the IT department at  a university library who is looking to take advantage of fair use in order to fulfill a professor's request.


Pop Culture Critic Elisa Kreisinger's Fair Use Video of the Month: "African Men. Hollywood Stereotypes."

In an effort to combat stereotypes of African men in mainstream Hollywood movies, Joe Sabia created this docu-mashup for a non-profit organization called Mama Hope. The organization works with local African groups to connect them with the resources required to transform their own communities.

Finding the Right CMS for Your Media Project

This guest post is from Land of Opportunity, creators of an interactive web player demo

CMS: Content Management System.  If it sounds utilitarian, that’s because it is.  Like so many innovations in the wide world of the web, CMS’ exist to make it easier to create cool stuff online.   If you’ve never heard of software like WordPress or Drupal before , here’s a quick intro: Unlike static websites, which require you to dig through dreaded code to make changes and updates to content and style, CMS’ allow us to insert and edit our content to suit our needs, while the program does the heavy lifting on the back-end. In other words a CMS allows you to have the most control over your content you’re liable to get without a degree in computer science. Read more...

Military Malfeasance: Exposing 'The Invisible War'

I had the great pleasure of interviewing filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering about their film, The Invisible War, for Read more...

Librarians, Publishers, and Fair Use Game Shows

SymposiumThe Center for Intellectual Property Biennial Symposium in Baltimore early June was a hotbed of fair use discussion.

How do you teach art students about making fair and legal decisions, especially in an era in which appropriation is everywhere? Paul Dobbs and Greg Wallace from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design have an answer: JeopARTy. Read more...