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Pat Aufderheide and WIFV’s Women of Vision Award

Women in Film and Video (DC) hosted a gala on October 13, honoring “Women of Vision.” AlonSuperPatg with Grace Guggenheim and Connie Day McClinton, Center director Pat Aufderheide was recognized. WIFV gave Aufderheide the award for her work, which “links the highest quality of academic research in communication with effective change in creative practice, resulting in an expansion of freedom of expression.”

Joan Shigekawa, deputy director of the National Endowment of the Arts and long-time supporter (in her previous careers at tPat Aufderheide accepts Women of Vision Awardwo national private foundations) of Aufderheide’s work, introduced her. She called Aufderheide “one of the truest friends that independent mediamakers have ever been blessed to have.” Noting that “her body of work is evidence of a fierce dedication to defend the public’s right to diverse media in all its forms,” Shigekawa celebrated her as “a professor who is not content unless her academic work can have an impact in the real world.” In particular, Shigekawa heralded her work on fair use and free speech. She pointed to the Documentary Filmmakers’ Statement of Best Practices in Fair Use as a code that “actually changed industry practice,” when errors-and-omissions insurers agreed to accept fair use claims.

Filmmaker Matt Radcliff produced a tribute video that gave the audience some good laughs.  

Aufderheide, in her acceptance speech, celebrated the filmmakers in attendance for their inspiring example as storytellers shaping reality and giving voice to the underrepresented.