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Night One of Full Frame Documentary Film Festival!

Full Frame LogoA funny thing happened on the way to Full Frame this morning. The man sitting next to me on my flight to Durham turned out to be headed for the film festival, but he was not a filmmaker. He was the subject of a film made some 20 years ago, Taking on the Kennedys. Yes, it was Dr. Kevin Vigilante, the man who dared to run against Patrick Kennedy in the Rhode Island congressional race. It is a brilliant film and provides relevant insights into today’s political campaigning. Filmmaker Josh Seftel and Dr. Vigilante shared their experiences after the screening. It was the first time they’d seen each other in 18 years. 


Dr. Kevin Vigilante and filmmaker Josh Seftel  after the screening of “Taking on the Kennedys”

This was just the beginning. The day was filled with spontaneous conversations while waiting in line, more screenings, welcoming the American University film student fellows, meeting old friends, and enjoying the opening night screening, Weiner, and party.

                                                                        Panel with filmmakers after screening of “Weiner”.


Fun photo at the Opening Night Party…