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Whatever Happened to Interactive Docs? A Report from Tribeca Film Festival

The TFI Interactive Day has been a highlight of Tribeca Film Festival’s innovaction curriculum. This year, the focus shifted from interactive documentaries to virtual reality, multimedia installations and create-a-thons. 


VR Everywhere! At Tribeca FilmFest, Headsets Galore

VR was everywhere at the Tribeca FilmFest, where the standouts were animation productions, not video. Expect more, not necessarily better, as headsets spread. 


Night One of Full Frame Documentary Film Festival!

Full Frame LogoA funny thing happened on the way to Full Frame this morning. The man sitting next to me on my flight to Durham turned out to be headed for the film festival, but he was not a filmmaker. He was the subject of a film made some 20 years ago, Taking on the Kennedys. Yes, it was Dr. Kevin Vigilante, the man who dared to run against Patrick Kennedy in the Rhode Island congressional race. It is a brilliant film and provides relevant insights into today’s political campaigning. Filmmaker Josh Seftel and Dr. Vigilante shared their experiences after the screening. It was the first time they’d seen each other in 18 years. 



Professor Leena Jayaswal Resists the Diaspora

Leena Jayaswal “I don’t think I’ve figured that out yet,” Professor Jayaswal offered as she reflected on her search for personal identity, “It perpetuates my mission.” On March 22, 2016, in the Media Innovation Lab at American University, Leena Jayaswal, Associate Professor in the School of Communication narrated her personal journey growing up as an Indian-American artist during her lecture, “Motherland: Dissecting Identity and the Diaspora”.


Night Two of the Washington Jewish Film Festival: Third Person & Shtisel Season Two

The second night of the Washington Jewish Film Festival offered several choices in several locations including the Landmark West End Cinema. First up was the moving documentary, Third Person about people who are intersex and living in Israel. The film, directed by Sharon Luzon, focuses on two people, Suzan and Ofer, both of whom represent the diversity of the country even though both are outsiders and living on the margins. Suzan is a Muslim woman who at age 35 finds out she was born with male and female parts and her parents decided then that she'd be female. Ofer, on the hand is a Spanish speaking Orthodox Jew whose parents decided not to remove any organs at birth. Ofer then undergoes surgery to make his body match his identity (although this proves to be complex). At the start of the film, the two don't know each other but become friends in part because Suzan starts a support group and seeks to educate the Israeli public about this misunderstood group of people.  Read more...