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Public Media Camp October at AU

On October 17th and 18th at American University, join The Center for Social Media, National Public Radio and Public Broadcasting Service for our Public Media Camp. The event was created to answer the question posed by organizers – “What if we brought together all sorts of people interested in collaborating with public radio and public TV, to see what we could come up with, including digital tools, citizen journalism and other types community-centered initiatives?" The participants promise to be a diverse crowd of newsies, techies, wonks and activists. Based on the “unconference” structure, participants will organize and lead sessions themselves – leaving the agenda wide open for a plethora of exciting possibilities. The event will serve as a kickoff for a series of similar such events nationwide. As we draw nearer to the date we'll share more information. For those of you eager to get involved right away, see NPR's Andy Carvin's blog for a link to an email notification form we've got set up.