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Felicia Pride: A Storytelling Guru

“Story drives everything,” says Felicia Pride, accomplished author turned transmedia extraordinaire. The Center enthusiastically welcomes Pride on board as a Media Fellow, bringing a wealth of experience in media storytelling starting with her days as publicist and author in New York to her most recent venture, Pride Collaborative in Washington, D.C. While her illustrious career has spanned east coast cities and multiple specialties, the heart of her work has always focused on the narrative arch and content that encompasses meaningful storytelling and engages audiences.

After working as a teacher, Pride noticed the ways different types of learners absorbed content. Book publishing suddenly felt restricting and she found herself increasingly interested in creating content across media platforms. Enter Pride Collaborative (PC), with the ethos that transmedia content is key to appealing to wide audiences and universal access.

Her newest endeavor is a one-stop shop for media makers, offering a variety of services from consulting, to networking, to contracted for-hire opportunities for quality media makers across the country.  The company is a brainchild of Pride’s previous experiences meshed into a cutting edge powerhouse of expertise and community engagement.

According to Pride, PC works to “connect the dots between storytelling, content creation, digital media, and live experiences to develop solutions that genuinely connect and engage.” This can be seen in it’s two-fold mission, offering broad consulting services for clients as well as a supportive home for media makers who are in the midst of projects and looking for support from industry experts.

Direct support for media makers is offered in the following ways by Pride Collaborative;

Create Daily Emails

Understanding the financial difficulties many media-makers face, this daily email highlights opportunities for funding, conferences, workshops, fellowships, etc. (ONE PER DAY!) The Weekly Gig, on the other hand, provides a list of free-lance, contracted work around the county and is delivered to email inboxes every Monday.

StoriesLead Events

Provides resources and a network for local and global storytellers. If you are in D.C., be sure to check out the StoriesLead events.

StoriesLab Workshops

A half-day interactive workshop that looks at the possibilities of story to go beyond entertainment to connect and engage communities.

In New York, these events attract filmmakers and professionals in the entertainment sector. In D.C., government agencies as well as NGO’s and nonprofit managers are well represented alongside traditional film and media makers. This diversity is stimulating as more and more organizations are grasping the power of telling a compelling and provocative story to engage their audience. 

The Center will co-host StoriesLab workshops at American University. On the May 4 StoriesLab, the speakers represent a range of  media industries and professions with the common thread of empowered storytelling.  The workshop will be highly interactive with a mini-story hackathon and hands on with useful tools to measure media impact.  The events will also leave participants with a better understanding of pioneering transmedia possibilities for their innovative and forward thinking organizations. StoriesLab is open for anyone using story beyond entertainment to push the boundaries of their work.

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