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FCC's Future of Media Report Takes Aim at Local News Gaps

A new FCC report draws upon research by CSM staff and fellows to examine the transformation of journalism, and the public interest obligations of media outlets. See the annotated report here for details, or read my analysis on the PBS MediaShift site:

A consensus has begun to emerge around the Federal Communications Commission report, "The Information Needs of Communities," released Thursday: The diagnosis is sound, but the remedies are lacking.

The 465-page report  the result of 600-plus interviews, hearings and reams of research conducted over 18 months. It represents the most ambitious attempt yet to come to terms with the consequences of the current media transformation. It's a synthetic and comprehensive look at the entire ecosystem -- commercial, non-commercial and user-generated; across print, broadcast, online and mobile -- making it a tremendous resource for advocates, journalists, entrepreneurs and media educators.

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