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Are you a public media "game changer"?

Just one week is left to nominate yourself or your favorite public media project for the We Media Game Changers Awards, which "recognize people, projects, ideas and organizations leading change and inspiring a better world through media."

Winners will be recognized at the annual We Media conference, which takes place in Miami in late February.The conference has become an annual hub for innovators from different sectors to meet and share ideas about how media can make change, and has spawned an online community that matches media makers and entrepreneurs from different industries across a range of skills and interests. As their newly revamped website explains: "We Media is also a movement. It’s about how we know what we know, whether through journalism and the shifting systems used to produce it, through social networks and our personal connections to people and organizations we trust, or through old and new forms of story-telling that travel side-by-side and surround us in the digital mediascape. It’s about politics, democracy and the power of us; and censorship and the power of control. It’s about information overload and a world of choice—and choices about how we live, learn and care for each other."

Inspired? Get to nominating!