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Two Fair Use Online Forums!

Over the last two weeks, the Center participated in two online forums on Fair Use. OneWorld co-hosted Ask the Experts! (http://us.oneworld.net/section/us/asktheexperts/fairuse) with us the week of May 11th; we received over 30 great questions from all kinds of media-makers about Fair Use and copyright issues. Over the next week, the Center is also participating in a D-Word forum on the same topic. D-Word is an online forum and community of documentary filmmakers which hosts panel discussions on issues surrounding their craft. You have to sign up to the forum to get access to it, but anyone can contribute to the discussion. Visit D-Word to sign up and participate in the forum before June 8th!

Questions in the Ask the Experts forum ranged from streaming video of conferences on websites, to whether the use of incidental material in a documentary film could be considered Fair Use as described by filmmakers in the Documentary Filmmakers’ Statement of Best Practices in Fair Use.

If you are a media-maker and have a specific question about Fair Use, take a look at both forums—even though your question may be highly specific, there were several situations that Pat and I responded to generally that could help you. We will be archiving Ask the Experts! on our site next month, until then, visit OneWorld to read the transcript.