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Total Recut Video Remix Challange Winners Announced

We were happy to participate in the Total Recut Video Remix Challenge. Just recently the winners were announced. You can check out their impressive work at TotalRecut.com

First place winner DJ Le Clown from France will receive a laptop for his remix 'Xmas in New York City,' embedded here. Second Place winner Jata Haan from the Netherlands will receive a digital camcorder for her remix, 'Composition.' Third Place winner Ricardo Carrion from Switzerland will receive a digital media player for his remix 'Remix Culture II.'

Here's what Total Recut Video had to say about the event:

Those who submitted videos faced the first grueling test of a public vote, where viewers rated each piece on a scale of 1 to 10, to determine who would go forward into the final. At the end of July, the public vote was in and 10 diverse remixes, spanning six countries and three continents, were chosen to be judged by an esteemed panel of international judges, including Lawrence Lessig, Henry Jenkins, Mark Hosler, Pat Aufderheide, Matt Mason, JD Lasica, Kembrew McLeod and Luminosity. The contestants were judged out of 10 in each of three categories – creativity, communication and overall impact.

Total Recut is an award winning online social networking community for fans and creators of video remixes, recuts, and mash-ups that facilitates online collaboration between video artists. TotalRecut.com was launched by Owen Gallagher in 2007 to help promote a balance between protecting the rights of copyright owners and enabling artists to express themselves freely using the relatively new medium of online digital video.