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Reclaiming Fair Use: The Book Tour Continues

Peter Jaszi's and my new book, Reclaiming Fair Use, has been a door opening  opportunities to discuss the growing movement to employ fair use more effectively--and in the process making more and better work, as has been the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Academic and Research Libraries. Each visit has expanded the network of people who understand fair use as a critically important free-speech right, which need not impair the exercise of a creator's limited monopoly rights. This month, I am privileged to have several more opportunities:

  • On April 10, at Temple University's International Lectures on the Humanities Series, I'll be addressing how scholars and librarians share a common set of challenges around fair use, and have new tools in the librarians' Code.
  • On April 12, at Occidental College, I'm speaking at the Center on Digital Learning and Research, concluding the Digital Scholarship Symposium, on the way in which fair use can be exercised responsibly in a digital environment.
  • On April 13, at the University of Southern California, I'm keynoting the Video@USC II conference, talking about using fair use effectively to teach with video in the classroom. 
  • Finally, I am honored at the end of the month to be included in a group of dignitaries at Columbia University, discussing the formation of a statement on intellectual property and copyright for journalism.