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Fair Use Video of the Month: "I'm Not Here To Make Friends"

Pop culture critic Elisa Kreisinger spots another online-video gem that demonstrates creative and critical work employing fair use:

Rich Juzwiak began noticing an odd trend in competition-based reality shows so he began to collect them off his DVR and edit them together. Once remixed and repeated, the absurdity and anti-social nature of reality tv reveals itself. This simple supercut remix manages to quickly illustrate how competition can cultivate and encourage deeply anti-social and individualist behavior. Never in any real-life social situation outside the hyper-constructed world of reality tv would someone say the words “I’m not here to make friends”.

Why It's Fair Use: Using copyrighted material for illustration or example. Here, the creator quoted copyrighted material to illustrate a growing trend in mass-media entertainment.

Source Material:

1. The Apprentice

2. I Know My Kid's A Star

3. Forever Eden

4. The Bachelor

5. Survivor

6. Hell's Kitchen

7. The Pick-Up Artist

8. Top Chef

9. Rock of Love

10. Flavor of Love

11. America's Next Top Model

12. Big Brother

13. The Amazing Race

14. The White Rapper Show

15. The Apprentice (UK)

16. Project Runway

17. Crowned

18. A Shot at Love With TilaTequlia

19. Beauty and the Geek

20. Miss Rap Supreme

21. The Search for Elle Woods