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Social Doc in Real Time: It Begins at Conception

It’s difficult to imagine what a woman might say after giving birth, but few of them immediately declare that they want to make a documentary film. American University professor Brigid Maher is currently working on “The Mama Sherpas,” a film that explores how doctors and midwives work together in a hospital system, known as collaborative care models. The Center for Social Media will be featuring a series of posts on the film, exploring how documentary films are born, raised, and shaped into successful agents of social impact.

"Twi-plomacy" is Changing the Face of Foreign Policy

@StateDeptTwitter is changing the face of diplomacy; in fact, it’s creating an entirely new concept in foreign relations that is changing the way publics are informed by governments. “Twi-plomacy” is a term that many in the social media world may not yet be familiar with, but it is becoming prevalent among government offices. Read more...

Professor Angie Chuang on the D.C. Sniper, Race and Otherness

Associated Press/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Ten years ago, people were running across parking lots in zig-zags, and they were afraid to go out in public. October marks the ten-year anniversary of the famously dubbed “D.C. Sniper” attacks, in which two assailants terrorized the city and other parts of the nation for 23 days.


Social Doc in Real Time: Prepping for the Real World

Maher's webisodes let women see what it's like to work with midwives in a hospital setting -- before she releases "The Mama Sherpas."Some filmmakers struggle with walking away from their documentary once it’s over. But when Professor Brigid Maher attended the Center for Social Media’s Media That Matters (MTM) conference earlier this year, she learned that finishing your film doesn’t mean your film is finished. Read more...

Social Media Week Panel Agrees: More Women Need More Access

Women, Tech and Democracy illustrated how more access to media leads to more civic engagement. Social Media Week's panel on Women, Tech and Democracy illustrated the different ways that media, specifically information and communication technologies (ICT’s), are serving as tools for civic engagement among women in developing countries.

The Women's Learning Partnership (WLP) launched its first course on blogging in Indonesia this week, demonstrating the global call for empowerment fostered by social media. Read more...