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QUESTION OF THE MONTH: Posting news clips on the internet


Dear CSM:

In order to underline the importance a food safety issue, I'd like to highlight pertinent media coverage by posting tv news clips that cover the topic on our website. The source would have full credit and remain on our site only for 4-6 weeks - can this be done? Do I have to get permission from the tv stations?


Bronacos

Congratulations to our Public Media Demonstration Project Awardees

We are proud to announce our fall 2008 Public Media Demonstration Project Winners. And the winners are: Angie Chuong's project titled The Other DC Website and Jes Therkelsen's Clean Hands.

The Other DC Website aims to create a user generated content forum that showcases the alternative side of Washington DC. The content revolves around the "hidden pockets" within DC. The purpose is to create an interactive space that allows users to upload and feature areas in DC that do not generally receive media attention but are a great part of the city.Read more...

QUESTION OF THE MONTH: Do Cable and the Networks Even Accept Fair Use?


Dear CSM:

If a filmmaker claims Fair Use for some material, what is the current state of affairs at the various broadcast/cable/satellite outfits on actually airing something with copyrighted material that has not been licensed? (i.e., can you actually get it on the air at PBS, ABC, NBC, CBS, HBO, History Channel, etc.?)


Rick

A Mosaic of Practices: Public Media and Participatory Culture

Center Advisory board member Helen de Michiel has written a thoughtful meditation, in the latest Afterimage, from the viewpoint of a longstanding nonfiction filmmaker, on the possibilities of an ever-more participatory and interactive environment for her work. Read more...

Public Media Prototypes: The I-Witness Video Example

The I-Witness Video Collective, which records police actions at demonstrations, has made some real impact with its citizen-surveillance work. At the 2004 Republican National Convention, video that I-Witness shot of the interactions between protesters and police directly led to charges being dropped against hundreds of activists who had been wrongfully arrested on the false testimony of police officers. Read more...