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Fair Use Question of the Month: I'm using clips from a TV show to make a music video



Dear Center for Social Media,

I have a question that seems to have been touched on, but I'm not sure about my situation and if/where it falls within the Code.Read more...

Check out this interview with Precious producer Lisa Cortes!

As we gear up for next month's Making Your Media Matter Conference on February 11 & 12 (if you haven't yet registered, you still can here), we're looking forward to hearing what Lisa Cortes, producer of Precious, is going to have to say on our Fiction for Change panel. Since its debut at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, Precious has been making waves for its gripping portrayal of 16 year-old Precious, an obese, illiterate and pregnant teenager who is struggling to change the direction of her life.Read more...

QUESTION OF THE MONTH: It's Fair Use in my film, but what about on the film website?


Dear Center for Social Media,

Missed Mary Lampson and Taking Root?

As part of the Center's Human Rights Film Series, documentary film editor Mary Lampson was on campus on October 15th to screen one of her latest projects,Taking Root, and to present a filmmaking master class to students on working as an editor in documentary film. It was great to have her on campus, and a wonderful learning experience for all. If you couldn’t make it to the screening and the class, you can still watch clips from them here. Read more...



Dear Center for Social Media,

I'm about to start production on a documentary regarding musicians. Is it Fair Use to film a musician rehearsing or playing a piece they have not composed? It will mostly be classical music and some jazz music. I assume if it is a personal composition, I will have no problem. But what if it is a piece of Mozart or Beethoven or something they have not composed?



ANSWER: