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Fair Use at the Broadcast Education Association Convention

On April 15th, educators and media makers had more interesting things to contemplate than their taxes at the Broadcast Education Association's annual convention in Las Vegas, because they were talking about fair use! Read more...

Fair Use Question of the Month: Using Copyrighted Material to Illustrate Historical Moments


Dear Center for Social Media,

We are working on a documentary series on opera, and why the supply of great singers seems to be drying up. We're conceiving that the series would be similar to the documentary Ballet Russes, with interviews with the singers and footage from their careers.Read more...

Fair Use Question of the Month: The Material I Want to Use Has Unlicensed Footage In It


Dear Center for Social Media,

Center for Social Media Featured on Miro Guide

Great news! The Center for Social Media's blip.tv channel, where we host all of the videos from our events (like the Human Rights Film Series and last year's Making Your Media Matter) is being featured on the Miro Channel Guide here. Check out the promo for our upcoming Making Your Media Matter Conference, and sign up for the RSS feed of our videos, so you can always see the latest that's happening at the Center!