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Hitler Hates Fair Use - Downfall Meme Comes Full Circle

The Hitler brouhaha on YouTube shows the importance of understanding your fair use rights.

It started with Downfall, a German film about Hitler’s last days in power, which has generated an elaborate meme in the online video community. Remixers took a scene that features Hitler having a meltdown with his key staff, and have re-subtitled the scene. One features Hitler screaming about how he has been banned from X-Box Live; another has him upset that his friends won’t join him at Burning Man, and a host of them deal with politics (peaking during the 2008 elections).Read more...

Judith Helfand at SOC

Filmmaker Judith Helfand was in DC last week to screen her film Cooked with the Environmental Film Festival, and while she was here she joined us at the CSM for the day to lead a master class. Read more...

Where is Your Line partners with MTV

Where is Your Line?, a project that will be demoed at the soon-to-be-rescheduled Making Your Media Matter conference, has partnered with MTV to have an open conversation about the recognition of abuse and sexuality among teenagers. Nancy Schwartzman, who heads up this project, wrote the following on the project's website:Read more...

Making Your Media Matter Registration Open!

Sign up here for Making Your Media Matter, Real Stories, Real Impact

February 11-12th at American University

See below for a short promotional trailer and the abbreviated schedule.

Our keynote speakers this year are Paco De Onis and Pamela Yates.Read more...

Future of Investigative Reporting Has Arrived

What happens to the crucial public media role of watchdogging the powerful as newspapers die? Nonprofits have poured funding into hard-hitting investigative reporting, through The Center for Investigative Reporting, The Center for Public Integrity, ProPublica and now the brand-new Investigative Reporting Workshop (part of American University's School of Communication). Read more...