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How Culture Can Inform Information Policy

Videography, Editing and Writing by Luke Taylor, Natalie Plumb, Bryan Bello and Kenneth Merrill

Visiting Scholar, Julie Cohen

Legal scholarship lacks a framework for cultural practices, and consequently actual user experiences, that should inform information policy. Just as copyright law is configured to encourage the creation of culture, scholar Julie Cohen argues that the regimes governing information access and use need to take into account how the role of culture shapes social practices online. Read more...

DMCA Exemptions

Guest Post by Jan Boyles

It’s time to protect the hard-won fair use rights that artists, professors, librarians and online video makers won three years ago at the Copyright Office. The Library of Congress has issued a Notice of Inquiry calling for written comments by December 1. Read more...

Documentary Filmmakers vs. the IRS

Documentary filmmakers across the United States should be turning their attention to the U.S. Tax Court of Arizona where filmmaker Lee Storey awaits a verdict on whether documentary filmmaking can be considered a “for profit” endeavor. This idea may sound crazy, but as director Paul Devlin wrote in a piece for Filmmaker Magazine:Read more...

Challenges in Employing Fair Use in Academic and Research Libraries

The Center for Social Media, the Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property, and the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) are pleased to announce the release of Challenges in Employing Fair Use in Academic and Research Libraries, which shows how librarians struggle to meet the missions of U.S. academic and research libraries, interpreting fair use and other copyright exemptions.