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Online Content Gets Legal

It's no secret that online video sites are plagued these days with material uploaded by users with no rights to do so, but not Revver! If you haven't checked it out yet, Revver allows you to upload videos and make money from advertising that follows the video as it travels around the internet. But, to be sure that users aren't making money off of someone else's stuff, Revver staff go through all the content that is uploaded. Read more...

Content Owner Sues Video Hosts

Dawn C. Chmielewski reported in the LA Times that Universal Music Group has filed suit against two video hosting sites, Grouper and Bolt, in an effort to stem unlicensed use of copyright protected material. If you've visited any of the video sites, you have probably seen the multitudes of amatuer videos made by folks imitating their favorite artists, and yes, people also upload content recorded straight from music television. Read more...

Google & YouTube, Great! What about copyright?

It's no secret that YouTube, as a company, has had to deal with the ramifications of users posting material that they have no rights to upload. So, when Google and YouTube announced their merger, it should be no surprise that analysts are curious how Google will handle copyright issues.

A recent Wall Street Journal Online post is a discussionRead more...