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Making Your Media Matter Conference 2010: Introduction

Making Your Media Matter Conference 2010: Introduction


Watch the introductory comments by Center Director Pat Aufderheide, Center Associate Director Alison Hanold and documentary filmmaker George Stoney.

To listen to the podcast of the introductions, click here.

Happy Anniversary, Media That Matters

To celebrate 10 years of showcasing short, social-issue  videos, the Media that Matters film festival (part of media arts center Arts Engine) hosted a day-long conference on …what else? Media that matters. The  panel I chaired on making impactful social documentary was filled with insights, not only from the panelists but from the audience—full of talented New York makers. Read more...

Making Your Media Matter 2010 Rapporteur's Report

In 2010, the Center for Social Media (CSM) hosted the 6th annual MAKING YOUR MEDIA MATTER (MYMM) conference in on May 12 after being forced to postpone the date in February due to a now infamous snowstorm. Read the Rapporteur's Report to learn about the topics discussed and see images from the conference. Check back later to see video from the panel discussions.


What Can Indie Film Learn from Indie Music?

On May 7, I led a discussion at the Maryland Film Festival  of what independent film can learn from the upheaval in the music business. At the festival's "Filmmakers Taking Charge" conference, music manager and promoter Jason Foster talked about the value of providing free downloads of songs, in order to make money at live events and with direct sales, often at those events. Read more...

Judith Helfand and "Making Change, Making Movies"

Judith Helfand, the maker of A Healthy Baby Girl and co-director of Blue Vinyl and The Uprising of '34, shares strategies and secrets for fundraising, interviewing, crafting and distributing films that make a difference.