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Copyright and Fair Use

New podcasts from CSM director Pat Aufderheide

As a part of the School of Communication's American Forum, CSM director Pat Aufderheide recently spoke at length with Danna Walker about two key issues: public media and Fair Use. Be sure to give these eye opening podcasts a listen!

3 on Fair Use can be listened to here.

3 on public media can be listened to here.

Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Dance Collections

You’re running an archive featuring dance and would love to exhibit some of the work in your collection that shows the evolution of a dance trend. Do you need to get permission from copyright holders or can you employ Fair Use?

You’re also announcing the exhibit on your website, and would like to run a few clips from some of the most famous material. Can you do that without copyright holder permission?Read more...

Outraged Librarians and Fair Use

At the New York Metro Library Council’s Digital Dilemmas conference, librarians (mostly from higher ed) gathered to puzzle out how to meet the needs of scholars who increasingly are everywhere but the library—even online. Read more...

Media Literacy Video Case Studies

The Media Spot, in collaboration with Media Education Lab and us at the Center, have created three case study videos. The features address issues within the realm of Fair Use in media literacy education. The first video deals with an elementary school in Brooklyn, New York and its work with digital production. The second video looks at a virtual zoo project created by Upper Marion High School and the Fair Use implications involved there. Read more...

Doc Filmmakers: Rescue Fair Use from the DMCA

We're looking for your story--by January 30. Have you ever found yourself unable to make the documentary work you wanted to make, because you could not access the copyrighted material you needed? That happens to lots of people who could quote copyrighted material—perhaps a clip from a Hollywood film, perhaps a snatch of music—that is locked up in an encrypted DVD. As you know, breaking code on a DVD violates the law—even when you are trying to access content you have a legal right to!Read more...