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Copyright and Fair Use

Two Fair Use Online Forums!

Over the last two weeks, the Center participated in two online forums on Fair Use. OneWorld co-hosted Ask the Experts! (http://us.oneworld.net/section/us/asktheexperts/fairuse) with us the week of May 11th; we received over 30 great questions from all kinds of media-makers about Fair Use and copyright issues. Over the next week, the Center is also participating in a D-Word forum on the same topic. D-Word is an online forum and community of documentary filmmakers which hosts panel discussions on issues surrounding their craft. Read more...

More from MIT5: Copyright, Fair Use and the Cultural Commons

Center director Pat Aufderheide recently participated in a fantastic conference in Cambrige, MA. MIT5: Creativity, Ownership and Collaboration in a Digital Age, held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, explored Media in Transition. Check out the MIT5 conference page, which gives full details of the panel discussion that Pat participated in.Read more...

Unauthorized: The Copyright Conundrum in Participatory Video

Suppose you’re running an online video platform, and people start uploading video that uses other people’s work. How should unauthorized use of other people’s work be treated in this new environment?