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YouTube's Creation Vision: The Impact.

October 11, 2012: "Today more video is uploaded to YouTube in a day than all 3 major US networks broadcast in the last 3 years," Forbes online's Steven Rosenbaum said. Rosenbaum interviewed our co-director, Patricia Aufderheide, to discuss the future of curation online and the business models that could develop as a result.

Sex, Lies, and Video Remixes: Critiquing 'Mad Men' in Its Own Words

March 22, 2012: The Atlantic introduces cultural piracy remix, the work from the Center for Social Media's fellow Elisa Kreisinger.

PBS Shifts in Time Slots Hurt Series of Films

March 18, 2012: The New York Times talks about PBS's recent prime-time schedule change and quotes Patricia Aufderheide, director of the Center for Social Media commenting on this issue.

Mozilla Announces Living Docs Project in Open-Source Documentaries

March 13, 2012: The Web Pro News featuring the "Living Docs" project and announcing the Center to be one of its partners.


Pushing Back Against Legal Threats by Putting Fair Use Forward

May 29, 2011: The Chronicle introducing Reclaiming Fair Use: How to Put Balance Back in Copyright, a book authored by Patricia Aufderheide, director of the Center for Social Media, and Peter Jaszi, a law professor at American University.

Filmmakers Bring Stories to New Platforms

March 22, 2011: San Francisco Film Society featured the Media that Matters conference in their "Indie Toolkit" section of their blog SF360.

Transmedia Is the New Black: "Media That Matters"

March 8, 2011: The International Documentary Assoication reviews the 2011 Media that Matters conference.

Media That Matters in 2011

March 4, 2011: Leah Mahan Productions reviews the 2011 Media That Matters conference hosted by the Center for Social Media.


Experts Weigh Pros and Cons of Social Media

August 16, 2010: PBS' MediaShift included comments from the Center for Social Media's Jessica Clark in this article about social media.

When Information Goes Bad

July 10, 2010: Voice of America interviewed Center for Social Media's Jessica Clark about social media and the news environment.

Creative Media Policy Can Spur Civic Innovation

June 25, 2010: New America Foundation published an article by the Center's Jessica Clark in their blog Sustaining Democracy in a Digital Age.

What We're Saying

New Code of Best Practices Addresses Newest Twist on Copyright Confusion in Higher Education

Contact: Maggie Barrett, AU Communications, barrett at american.edu or 202-885-5951

Documentary Filmmakers Grapple with Ethics Challenges,
Yet Craft Lacks Ethics Standards

Report will be discussed at Toronto International Film Festival

Contact: Maralee Csellar, University Communications, 202-885-5952 or csellar at american dot edu

Contact: Maggie Barrett, American University Media Relations, barrett@american.edu
or 202-885-5951

American University's Center for Social Media and AU's Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property, in collaboration with Stanford Law School's Fair Use Project, are launching a new video explaining how online video creators can make remixes, mashups, and other common online video genres with the knowledge that they are staying within copyright law.

Tomorrow's Public Media Will Be Bigger, Better,
And Different From Public Broadcasting

AU's Center for Social Media Releases New Report on "Public Media 2.0"

Contact: Maggie Barrett, American University Media Relations, barrett@american.edu or 202-885-5951