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Media That Matters 2013 Videos

Produced and Edited by Natalie Plumb

What's It All About?

Leaders in documentary film and video in the digital and transmedia age do some soul-searching: why they come and what they gain.

"How to Measure Impact"

The theme of the 2013 conference, "Measure for Measure," sparked a lot of talk among activists, filmmakers and entrepreneurs alike.

Keynote on the Keys of Her Notes

Keynote speaker Wendy Levy discusses integrating data that institutions generate daily with storytelling to augment the impact of the media they produce.

Leaps Ahead: Letting Go, Learning and Leverage

Crawlers, walkers and runners in impact strategy pause and reflect on effective outreach, audience engagement, distribution, funding, partnerships, impact and how to be strategic from the start with socially engaged media.

Wendy Levy: Keynote Address (Full)

"Measurement, Meaning and Momentum: Storytelling in the Age of Data"
by Wendy Levy, Director, New Arts AXIS 
"What impact are we really having on the audiences we reach? Tackling the urgent issues of our time requires new models of dynamic collaboration to facilitate powerful and contextual storytelling. We must understand this moment and this opportunity to leverage the new platforms for co-creating innovation and open-sourcing social change, or build what we need ourselves. We are artists. We may not be good at data, but we are good at making things that move people. Our future capacity to action the data at our fingertips  -- and I"m talking about both numbers and stories -- will depend on our ability to combine the metrics with compelling and coherent narratives and to ritualize the communication."

Wendy Levy: The Meaning of Metrics in Storytelling

New Arts AXIS Director Wendy Levy argues that sharing live data as part of your story engages audiences beyond fundraising and creates deeper impact.

Wendy Levy: Big Impact Requires Big Data

New Arts AXIS Director Wendy Levy argues that, like it or not, we are in the era of big data. Artists can either step up or disappear.

The Hottest Tools and Latest News in Impact

Johanna Blakley: Treat Your Film Like a Drug

Johanna Blakley, Director of Research at the Norman Lear Center, talks about the important role statistical research played in the development of Food, Inc.
Blakley also talks about taking the mathematical models that pharmaceutical companies use in clinical trials and applying them to your film.

Katie Delahaye Paine: Using Statistics Creatively

Katie Delahaye Paine, CEO, KDPaine & Partners, co-author of Measuring the Networked Nonprofit, illustrates how approaching statistics with a creative eye can lead to greater impact and deeper insight.

How to Change, Grow and Survive: Sustaining the Documentary Vision Over Generations

Mable Haddock: Organizations Foster Filmmakers

Mable Haddock, Founding Director of Black Public Media, illustrates the importance of organizations and their role in sustaining filmmakers and their projects over time.

Katy Chevigny: Learn to Love Excel

Katy Chevigny, Filmmaker and Co-founder of Big Mouth Production, talks about the struggles of running an organization as a filmmaker and how to get through them.

The Long View: Strategizing Impact and Measuring Impact in Multiplatform Projects

Nancy Schwartzman: Circle of 6 and Adding an App for Global Impact

Nancy Schwartzman discusses the creation of the Circle of 6 app and how it added long-term impact to her project on ending sexual violence. 
Schwartzman is a filmmaker, Media Strategist and Girls' Rights Activist. She is also the director of "xoxosms," "The Line" and  "The Line Campaign.
Her Circle of 6 App won a White House award. @fancynancynyc

Roland Legiardi-Laura: The Interactive Impact of Power Poetry

Roland Legiardi-Laura, filmmaker, poet, educator and co-director of "To Be Heard," talks about the impact of his trans-media project, power poetry, and the importance of engaging audience across multiple platforms.