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"Documentaries: Making an Impact," at the 25th IFP Market in New York City

Read how various organizations are making an "impact," which can mean many things. It is important to think about many channels and diverse audiences, and particularly the networks and infrastructure that exists today, upon which we can continue to build.


Ephemeral for no good reason: the waste of documentary and independent films

The wide availability of inexpensive and user-friendlier production tools has finally brought us closer to the long-deferred dream of mass moving image authorship. But while many (though not all) obstacles to production have crumbled, distribution problems are escalating.


Media and Metanoia: Documentary 'Impact' Through the Lens of Conversion

This paper considers case studies of three documentaries in terms of what new insights a conversion perspective brings to an understanding of their immediate and long-term impact. To do so, a range of research methods and data-gathering tools are employed: scholarly publications, memoirs, outreach materials, websites, video records of public events, and personal interviews.



Collaborative Strategies for Social Action Filmmakers

This op-ed by Center Director Pat Aufderheide discusses the different forms that collaboration can take throughout the filmmaking process to benefit both the film and the community.  


Go to: Collaborative Strategies for Social Action Filmmakers (PDF)