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Media For Social Change: Partnerships

An in-depth look at the benefits to filmmakers and funders who form collaborative partnerships in pursuit of their goals.


Fahrenheit, Fries, Fox, & Fairness: The New Political Documentary

Panel Discussion moderated by Center director Pat Aufderheide with Outfoxed director Robert Greenwald, Super Size Me director Morgan Spurlock, Control Room editor Julia Bacha and Fahrenheit 9/11 producer Jeff Gibbs at the 2004 Aspen Film Festival.


What Keeps Social Documentaries from Audiences--and How to Fix the Problem

A report and background documents on how to extend the working lives of social documentaries. What happens to U.S. social documentaries after they are first seen at a film festival or on television? Far too little--in spite of evidence of rising interest in the genre. Read the results of research and an expert convening on the topic and find out not only about the problems, but suggested solutions. Funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.


Digital Futures: A Need-to-Know Policy Guide for Independent Filmmakers

Digital FuturesDigital technology is transforming filmmaking. And policymakers are scrambling to catch up with the changes. What policies are good for independent filmmakers? What are the hot issues, and what are the positions that best support the creativity and diversity that independent filmmakers represent? Digital Futures: A Need-to-Know Policy Guide for Independent Filmmakers answers those questions with to-the-point answers.


In the Battle for Reality: Social Documentaries in the U.S.

What difference can a documentary make? This fact-filled report, with many case studies of successful strategic use of social documentaries, answers that question. The report, written by Center director Pat Aufderheide, analyzes conditions of production and use in four contexts: television channels, alternative media, community media, and nonprofit sponsored production. It also discusses current teaching practices about social documentary, and analyzes key policy issues affecting production of social docs.


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