Empowering Media That Matters


Appalshop Calling: From Video to Digital Storytelling

This speech from our good friend Mimi Pickering from Appalshop shows how the participatory media movement has deep roots. Here Mimi discusses some of her experiences producing and distributing media for social change with partners in rural communities in America.


Nurturing Tomorrow's Doc Storytellers

Leaders of documentary teaching and training programs across the U.S. came together in September to share their stories.


Breaking New Ground: A Framework for Measuring the Social Impact of Canadian Documentaries

This report examines seven Canadian documentaries, providing reflective guidelines for the future of documentary-making in the country and the world. The report aims to measure the social impact of documentaries and provide a "baseline" on which to build new strategies for future activities. 


Evaluating Your Outreach Efforts

Ellen Schneider and Melaine Piersol discuss the importance of outreach campaign evaluations. They move past the primary successes and failures of projects to the reassessment of how filmmakers and outreach coordinators develop new programs and redefine goals and objectives.


Go to: http://www.benton.org/publibrary/mtm/Pages/ten.html

Socially Engaged Public Access Productions: Making the Road by Walking

This paper defines the field of socially engaged media in public access television and provides a framework for how social media is being used in public access TV. Socially engaged public access television productions take many forms, including town hall dialogues, oral history documentaries, organizing videos, coverage of school board meetings, and critiques of mainstream media.