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Pull Focus: Karim El Hakim

Kelsey Marsh, Angeli Gabriel, Bryan Bello

Karim El Hakim is a renowned director and director of photography who has contributed to numerous award-winning political documentaries about the Middle East. His latest film "1/2 Revolution" is a personal, intimate story from the Arab Spring: a group of friends living in downtown Cairo struggle to stay together during the first chaotic days of the Egyptian Revolution. 

El Hakim recounts his experience on the front lines of the Revolution; providing insight into Egypt's current state of affairs as well as its relationship with Western Powers and the reaction the film has acquired in these regions. He also advises documentary filmmakers about proper techniques and storytelling structure. Watch his interview unfold and check out the film's website for more information. 

Director Karim El Hakim explains the concept of backpack journalism and how it has affected the Arab Revolution:

El Hakim describes how he and Omar prepared to film the documentary:

Karim elaborates on his personal motivation for making the film:

El Hakim comments on the tight security in Egypt and how it affected the filming of 1/2 Revolution:

Karim expands on how he separated family and filming while still maintaining coverage of the Revolution:

El Hakim tells us how he maintained focus on filming while balancing his own emotions and the emotions of those around him:

El Hakim explains the deeper meaning of the title 1/2 Revolution:

Karim details the history of influence from the Western world in Egypt:

El Hakim answers how the effects of the film will shape his future as a filmmaker:

Karim talks about the film's screenings in Egypt and other Arab nations:

Karim discusses the film's future screenings abroad:

El Hakim provides strategies and insight for aspiring filmmakers: